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  • How is the food? Who prepares it?
    The food is prepared by the canteen of the SLAM SCHOOL facility that operates throughout the year. SLAM SCHOOL prepare a menu with healthy and varied food, based on the Spanish Mediterranean diet, combining highly nutritious recipes.
  • How often will the children eat?
    The standard is to eat 3 main meals a day: (A) breakfast, (B) lunch and (C). dinner; They will also have the option of eating a piece of fruit mid-morning or mid-afternoon depending on the activities or training.
  • Is there an option for food restrictions, allergies, vegans or vegetarians?
    In the inscriptions there is a section to enter food intolerances / allergies; Therefore, there would be no problem when adapting the standard menu and customize it for specific cases. In addition, in the kitchen itself there is a separate kitchen to prepare the menus for people with any limitation or food request and thus avoid cross traces.
  • Who is the contact person at the facility?
    Northteam Academy will make available to parents and families the telephone numbers of the director of the academy: Javi Medina CEO Northteam Academy (+34) 696 61 55 24 Also, we will provide the contact of different staff members as coaches and monitors to facilitate any type of communication. Regarding campus attendees, families should know that all activities (with the exception of excursions) will take place in the same facility: SLAM SCHOOL, a private luxury facility completely enclosed on its outer perimeter. The Northteam Academy staff will be at the facility at all times, watching over the children and at their disposal for any need. Students will not be able to leave the facility, only for excursions and exterior visits.
  • What happens if a player is injured while training? Is there any insurance from the academy?
    All players will be covered by private insurance from Northteam Academy during their stay. If any player is injured or has some type of accident during the stay, the action protocol will be applied. A. Our monitors and trainers are certified and have experience in first aid for minor problems. On the other hand, the facility has a basic nursing service to solve minor problems. Also in the facility at all times there will be several own vehicles to be able to transfer any player to the nearest health center CENTRO DE SALUD DE LOS ÁNGELES DE SAN RAFAEL (7 minutes away) to solve minor problems with a nurse or doctor. B. If the problem, injury, or accident were serious, the urgent protocol for external medical assistance is applied: ambulance and security transfer to the nearest medical center, corresponding to the HOSPITAL DE GUADARRAMA (24 minutes away).
  • Who will be in charge of the children when they are not in training?
    At all times there will be staff managers of Northteam Academy with the group. The more children are, more staff members will be with them. They will be with them at all times, during training and during meal times, rest and excursions.
  • Will children have an hour to sleep?
    The schedules will be previously established so that families can have them in advance to know the hours of the activities and the day plan.
  • Will they be allowed to leave the facility alone?
    No. Leaving the SLAM SCHOOL premises is forbidden. One of the advantages of the facility is that we can find all the needs within it, so none of the children will be able to leave it unaccompanied.
  • Can parents attend too?
    Any parent or family who wishes to come will have to contact us to manage their transfer and hotel. However, they will not be able to stay in the facilities of SLAM SCHOOL as it is reserved for the children group. There are hotels around where they can stay to watch soccer training if they want or create a private activity plan for parents. All expenses will go separately.
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